365 Life Shifts

2016 was an interesting year for me. It was a year of operating outside of my comfort zone. It was also the year that my writer friend Lore Raymond offered me the opportunity to participate in a remarkable undertaking. Over 200 authors were to share their most pivotal life-changing moments.

I am going to share a little secret. I have dreamed of being a published author since I was a little girl. I have dabbled here and there, a couple of newspaper articles, a BLOG, a thesis or two in university and writing scientific papers.

There is safety when your words are built upon a foundation of logic and facts.

This undertaking would require me to dig deep and allow the emotion of a single life shifting moment to totally engulf me.

I admit … I was scared … but I did it anyway.

They say that “the Magic lies just outside your comfort zone.”

I think you will agree that a lot of magic lies within.

I am including my contribution below just for you, my readers. I hope you enjoy it and are moved to read the rest of the 365 Life Shifts written by my amazing and talented fellow authors.

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365 Life Shifts

I Chose Life

by Judy N Green

The breath caught in my lungs. My heart stopped beating. As the seconds ticked by, the truth slowly sunk in. I had cancer.

In September 2009 I developed a lump and angry red fingers radiating out from my left breast. My physician thought that it might be “mastitis, or something worse”.  I was 47 and my only son was 26. Mastitis was highly unlikely.

After two courses of antibiotics the crimson fingers had crept across my chest and threatened to encircle my throat. I was sent for a mammogram, after which they immediately performed an ultrasound. I could see the lump on the screen. It was HUGE. I was informed that the results would be available within two weeks.

They called me into the clinic the very next day.

My young physician was visibly distressed as she told me “the results were highly disturbing and indicative of Inflammatory Breast Disease, a fairly rare form of Cancer.”

I had watched my Mother-in-law die of Cancer within 6 months of her diagnosis. She was a ‘cancer survivor’, having survived stomach cancer only to succumb to Lymphoma some twenty years later. My sister-in-law had been battling Breast Cancer for years. My Maternal Great Grand Mother had succumbed to Cancer before I was born.

Cancer was all around me; I never expected it to be in me.

Soul crushing fear threatened to consume me. I could feel myself being dragged down into a black hole of fear and despair. I knew that I had to do something. I had to embrace my power before the cancer stripped me of it. As I left the clinic I made a decision. I was fighting this my way. I was going to fight on my terms and I would not choose conventional treatment.

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I chose to stop the insanity. I chose to stop feeding the cancer and start giving my body what it needed to fight.

I researched. I learned. I changed. I lived.


Authors Bio

Judy N Green first managed her son’s ADHD through diet in 1988. She has successfully overcome her personal battles with systemic Candidiasis, chronic depression, obesity and inflammatory breast disease through optimal nutrition, healthy habits and a positive state of mind.
Judy launched RAW ‘N Green Wellness Coaching in 2015