Hello Beautiful, Glorious, Amazing World!

Welcome to the Launch of RAW ‘N Green Wellness Coaching.

It has been an exciting and exhausting journey and I am so excited to now be in a position of helping so many amazing people. We are building a community here, where you are encouraged to ask questions about  nutrition and wellness. You are safe here.

The principle of uniqueness is alive. What works for one may not work for another. It is all about each of us getting in touch with our inner-most self, which will reveal what our bodies truly need in order to thrive … not just survive.

I look forward to reprinting some of my old articles … after a teenie rewrite… as well as bringing you lots of new information. Along with a new and updated website, new online programs, local workshops and taking on a select few personal coaching clients.

We are also implementing a monthly RAW ‘N Green Pot Luck. It is currently for students and clients, but we are hoping to open it up to the community by late fall. Please do contact me if you are interested in participating in our little community.

Come along for the ride while we Keep it RAW ‘N Green

Judy N Green

“The Journey IS the Destination”