Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties - 2016

I want to say thank you so much for pointing me to CandidaStop, for encouraging me with the diet, for sharing your own candida experience. (At the Annapolis Health Food Store) The combo has made a world of difference and I am 90% better and continuing with the CandidaStop and diet and wild lacto fermented foods.
I also bought your 2 books online. Really wonderful information and recipes.
-Flora Doehler

Nan's Rock Shop - 2016

Whether you are trying to lose weight, are experiencing illness or poor health, or just want to feel better ... Judy is a wonderful wellness coach to support you through to reach your goals. I have gotten to know Judy quite well, she has been involved in my Center for over a year, we took three levels of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together, I have participated in her workshops, and also took a 6 week one-on-one wellness coaching package from her. I needed to make some diet changes (doctor recommended) and was not having much success on my own. I have now learned about wheat allergies, leaky gut, candida, the importance of probiotics, and learning the benefits of "eating clean" ... to name a few. We also looked at how my emotions can and do affect my eating, how I self medicate with food and what some of my triggers are. Even though I have walked away from many of my traditional foods, I have replaced them with a large variety of new choices and recipes. Food is delicious! To fuel my body with an abundance of "real food" feels good! I find Judy's nature to be supportive, and a well-rounded balance of knowledge and experience. I am now feeling better, more energy, losing weight, and succeeding with my desired goals! When I eat healthfully, I feel wonderful! Thank you Judy for all your knowledge, advice and support!
- Carol Layton

Nutritional Boot Camp at the Fundy YMCA - June 2015

I found Judy to be most informative on a lot of subjects. Very friendly and soft spoken. She is very willing to repeat if necessary (I am hearing impaired) and has a great smile. She has a great interest in optimal health for all. Gets the point across in a positive way. She makes everyone feel comfortable, even those who are shy or who may talk too much. I am happy to have met her.
-Jean Dalton

I learned a lot in these 12 weeks. Some information I had, however I have learned so much more. I now have to implement & incorporate some changes into my daily nutrition to feel more alive & energized, no matter what life dishes out my way. Stress is a downer and I believe that I now have some new tools to help me through the bad times without stress eating. This workshop has been an awesome way to meet many who want to change things, but don't quite knowi how to put new and better nutrition into every meal. Thank You for all the help.
- Mary-Anne Coates

I really enjoyed the class. Made me think more about what I was eating and the benefits to my body. Some of it was surprising and definitely thought provoking. Judy is warm and funny and very knowledgable. Class had great discussions and I enjoyed putting our new knowledge into making dishes for the Pot Luck. I HIGHLY recommend this class.
-Lisa Cheney

I've definitely enjoyed the sessions. I found them informative, particularily at this time of renewal, and the diagnosis of diabetes.
A fresh approach to food & nutrition. Thanks so much -- very timely.
-Wayne G B Lynch

My goal was to reduce my sugar intake and night-time snacking. Both of these goals have been successful. The bonus has been that I've been introduced to new & nutritious foods. I am so happy with the new discoveries and look forward to more learning. It's been amazing, fun & absolutely rewarding.
Thank You so much Judy for sharing your knowledge.
-Lynn Boudreau

From our very first 7 Day Veggie Challenge - April 2011

Judy Cote

This week has been fantastic! The challenge was fun and very self informative. By that I mean, I found out that meat does not provide the best source of nourishment. With all the fruit and veggies I ate, I feel fantastic. My iron levels were low, and now I'm not feeling dizzy, I have lots of energy, and I feel better. I've shed 6 lbs this week, which is also a bonus. I plan to continue this challenge, even though it's over, because I don't want to lose this wonderful feeling of feeling better. I wonder if the reason I felt crappy was because of all the crap they put into meat? Anyway, thank you Green for doing this challenge, it was the best experience I've had in a while!!
- Judy Cote