Your information is kept for our records only. No financial information is collected or stored. Your personal and contact information will never be shared or sold under any circumstances. Your success stories may be shared anecdotally, without the use of identifying information. Only with your express written permission will your success story be posted on this website accompanied by photo(s) supplied by you.


Payment for classes must be received in advance as we need to know confirmed numbers in order to prepare student packages. Paying late or on the day of the event could result in us not having a student handout prepared for you.

We accept: Cash, Money Order, Personal Cheque or Interact Email Money Transfer.

We also accept most major credit cards such as: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

We do not accept debit cards at this time.


We are required to collect HST #86103 0369 RT0001. 15% HST wll be added to all fees.