Are you Sick 'n Tired of feeling Sick 'n Tired?
Are you missing the pep in your step?
Is your tummy looking like you just might be related to the Michelin Man?
We can help!!!

Meet Coach Judy

Judy is Certified in many disciplines: RAW-Food & Whole-Food Nutrition, Emotional Detox, Smoking Cessation, EFT Practitioner, and is a Master in Usui & Celtic Reiki and more ...

Judy uses these tools to help you turn over a new leaf ... with optimal nutrition, healthy habits and a positive state of mind; Empowering you to make excellent choices and achieve a balance of body - mind - spirit.

Wellness Coaching

For more information about Wellness Coaching please click here.

Join us for personal one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops and classes. Watch for new events on Facebook, or our calendar and join our mailing list to be the first to know of exciting new opportunities.

FREE Managing Chronic Disease Through Diet and Lifestyle Mindful Nutrition Fundy YMCA
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My Candida Guide & Recipes are now available

Just in time for our BIG Candida Cleanse see event details below ...

Get your e-books from Amazon.ca or click the images above. If you are in the USA click here.

Read my article "Six Easy Ways to Prevent Candidiasis" on Honey Colony.

Independent Epicure Consultant

Epicure Selections
I am now offering Epicure cooking classes and tasting parties.
Check out my Epicure website to order online. (Available in Canada Only!)
Please contact me if you would like to host a tasting party or are interested in a career opportunity with Epicure.

Gift Certificates now available

Gift Certificates
You can now purchase a gift certificate, in any amount. Gift certificates are good for any program offered at RAW 'N Green Wellness Coaching. Please keep in mind that I do provide Personal Coaching services by phone, online via SKYPE as well as in person in Wilmot and Cornwallis NS.
Please contact me for details or drop by the Annapolis Royal Legion on Saturday 5th December. I will have table near the bar at the Legion's Christmas Craft Fair.


For an up-to-date view of scheduled events please view our calendar

Managing Chronic Disease Through Diet

Join me for a FREE informative talk about how you can manage your chronic disease through diet. I will introduce: the basic formula for an anti-inflammatory diet, lifestyle choices, and healthy habits. This program offers benefits for people afflicted with everything from Attention Deficit Disorder, Diabetes, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and much more.
* Wed Nov 18th - Little River Holistic Therapies, 127 HWY 303, Digby, NS
* Tue Nov 24th - 401 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, NS
* Wed Nov 25th - Nan's Rock Shop, 13995 HWY #1, Wilmot, NS.

Starts at 7:00 pm
This event is FREE, but registration is required.
Please contact me to register.

Real Food POT LUCK!

Join us for a Pot Luck of healthy herbivorous foods.
We meet the fourth Saturday of each month. (We do skip December)
No animal flesh, poultry or fish.
Minimal use of cheese or eggs.
Clean Eating (no to minimal additives)

The focus should be on a menu that contains RAW 'N Green fresh local fruit, veg, nuts & seeds. Cooked or raw :)

I am looking forward to building a community founded on empowering each other to make great nutrition and life choices.

* Sat 28th Nov 6:30 pm - Nan's Rock Shop, 13995 HWY #1, Wilmot, NS.
This event is FREE!!!
Please contact me for more information.

Healing and Healthy Habits: Mindful Nutrition

Join me at the Fundy YMCA for an hour of learning and sharing. We will be exploring all the issues surrounding our relationship with food and our body image. I will be introducing several techniques you can use to help achieve your goals.
Remember ... your weight is merely a symptom of your lifestyle.
Classes start Saturday 7 Nov at 11:00 am (6 weeks)

Big Candida Cleanse at Annapolis Natural Foods

Join us as we clean up our micro-biome and regain our health and vitality. This group cleanse runs an intensive 6 weeks.

Not sure what it is all about, or if a Candida Cleanse is what you need? Come to a FREE Information session on Thursday 3 Dec at 6:00 pm.

Annapolis Natural Foods, St. George Street, Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia

Classed are on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Week 1 starts Thursday Jan 14th 2015
Join us for The BIG Cleanse!
We will be running the Candida Cleanse - Conquering Your Yeasty Beasties again on 7th January 2016. Contact me or subscribe to my newsletter.

I am now taking names for our Wildly successful Nutritional Boot Camp.
If you are interested in attending a 12 week Nutritional Boot Camp in the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia please contact me for details.
When we have enough interest in an area I will schedule a class for that area.

Nutritional Boot Camp Intensive

Spring Retreat at Stillpoint Lodge

Dates: 13th, 14th & 15th May 2016 .
Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday
Continental breakfast on Sat & Sunday:
Vegetarian pancakes (contain eggs), Maple Syrup, Fruit Salad & Vegan Muffins
Self-catered Vegan RAW lunches:
Sat: - Sushi, miso soup and salad
Sun: - Spiralized Noodles with three Sauces

Additional Activities available:
Sushi Making (included)
Chakra Dance (included)
Reiki Session (optional $)

Price: $295 + HST, optional shared acomodations are available on site starting at $35 per night
Please contact me for details.

Now Offering ...

Personal Wellness Coaching

Let me help you achieve the goals that have seemed just out of your reach. I work in partnership with you to help you create the best program for you. Then we work together to implement that program to achieve your goals.
Remember it is all about "You, making the best choice for you, in that particular situation at that point in time."
Let me teach you and support you in achieving your goals.
Contact me for details.

Speaking Engagements

I am now offering our services to speak to your group, large or small. I have presented nutritional empowerment topics at Seniors Homes, Girl Guides Leadership Retreat, Schools, Weight Loss Groups, and Women's Groups.

These talks are customized to your group's needs and can cover from one to four hours.
Contact me for details.

Diets Simply Do Not Work!

We may lose some weight initially, but eventually we get tired of feeling deprived and then we go right back to our old SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle. We gain back what we lost and more ... as FAT! Each time we yoyo we have less muscle and our metabolism is slower.

Yet ... we keep going on diets.

"The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

"Your weight is merely a SYMPTOM of your diet and lifestyle."
- Judy N Green, RAW 'N Green Wellness Coaching

Let us help you to ...

  1. Stop the insanity!
  2. Evaluate what is not working.
  3. Discover why it not working.
  4. Create SMART Goals to change the way you think about eating and learn to nourish and fuel your body with the best foods possible.
  5. Learn the tools you need to succeed.
  6. Create a healthy habits that work for you and will lead to a lifestyle full of vitality.

Soon you will be the IDEAL You!